Merlin James

born 1960, Cardiff.
Central College of Art (1979-82), Royal College of Art (1983-86)

Sometimes I think my paintings have something to do with being very shallowly in experience of the world so much of the time - not just the outside, the physical world, but even the emotional narrative of one's own life. I never normally speak of the work as self-expression or autobiography of any sort - why should anyone be interested? But I think I often feel rather outside my own life and world, and very much outside history, too, with no really strong feelings of owning and being owned by history. And yet my impulse, and that of the work, is against estrangement. It is the opposite of so much art that restates (even when it denies it, or doesn't know it's doing so) our all-too-well-recognized 'alienation'. The pictures are a depiction of a world of meaning intensely valued because all-but-lost.




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