Press release for Genius Loci 2008

Genius Loci 2008 follows on from Gli Amici Pittori 2007 and concentrates on the work of Lino Mannocci, Arturo Di Stefano, Luke Elwes, Glenys Johnson and Alex Lowery. This new exhibiton sets out to explore the various connections between these five painters: how certain themes, to do with architecture, memory and history, recur in the images, and how they often combine the exploration of a medium with the exploration of a particular place.

This ‘place’ or location (which might be London or Dorset, Paris or Venice, Viareggio or Bergamo) is often specifically delineated, even if the structure is minimal and the outlines have become feint and ghostly. They act as formal devices, as well as serving a deeper metaphorical purpose. Some are more distant in time and space (seen from above or through a window), and some are much nearer to ‘home’, and often they seem to be simultaneously located in the present and the past.

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